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pain is light playing dress ups 🌙

my heart cracks open and i bend with the emptiness.

finding loneliness in the company of pain.

an empty hollow place of no end, until my next breath comes and i settle.

like a flood The Light pours through the frayed edging of my soul and i bend again, but this time i bend to the question.

i bend to the lesson.


✨ glitter veins ✨

bowed head, i lay it all.

spirit, whenever i feel small i listen to a song, or feel into a flower and it joins me right to you.

i recognise the beauty in nature, for that same rambling light so beautiful it hurts my eyes, is also the light that i am.

and you are.
living, breathing, shooting stars


🖤 hungry shadows 🖤

i face my shadows and whisper - i'll eat you alive.

as i swallow the pain inflicted by others peoples pain i whisper - the cycle ends with me.


3 x styles available

3 x styles available

It is with much happiness that Tom Wholohan & I present to you

Flower Poetry 🌙

A project that has been 10 months in the making

Inspired by the ancient language of flowers.

Each Art piece has a poem weaved with its petals.
Look closely & breath deeply.

60cm x 60cm & 90cm x 90cm

framed images available for $499.00 & $699.00 + delivery.
Framing options available in natural wood, white & black both with & without border