Pressed Chakra Flower Frame

Pressed Chakra Flower Frame

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The Pressed Chakra flower frames are a bespoke gift.

+ White Frame + Brass Frame available +

With each order, I will ask you the intention for the order. What would you like the receiver to feel when in the presence of the floral art?

With this knowledge, I will choose the Chakra that best suits your chosen emotion & design a unique gift that invokes this vibration.

No two frames are the same.

Each Frame is intuitively designed.

I perform a ritual before sending out this gift, cleansing every item with burning sage & meditating with all of the elements of the design. I feel this increases the potency of the healing qualities, making this a gift of both inner & outer beauty helping to aid you on this crazy journey through life.

From my heart to yours,

Clare x

To be delivered to anywhere in Australia*

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