When the dreamer becomes the dream.
The Golden Light Within

When the dreamer becomes the dream.


Fleur & Threads is more than a business, for me it’s a lifestyle, for my Instagram followers it’s an art gallery full of poetry, flowers, thoughts, admiration of love & a touch of activism. For my Brides & Grooms it’s the element of magic on the most important day of their life. For my Chakra bouquet & pressed flower frame recipients it’s an invitation to take time to heal & for my commissioned clients it’s a reminder of their own creativity.


When we follow our dreams, feed them, work with them, nurture them & bring them to life, eventually they grow wings bigger than we ever could have imagined, take flight & you end up being the one to follow them, allowing them to guide you. That’s the place in which I currently reside.


Last year we conquered 50 weddings, all completely different from one another. So many unique and stylish couples, bursting with love & excitement whilst planning for their special day. Some big, some small, no matter the size each result was produced with the same amount of love.


SO with this new year at its beginning, I’ve setup Fleur & Threads for the next 12 months with these intentions:


-        Be clever and kind

-        Be humble and brave

-        Feel the presence of god throughout all of my work

-        Find calmness in the chaos

-        Face things/tasks straight away

-        Be comfortable in the uncomfortable

-        To remember to always come back to love.


Because of the last few year’s successes, there has been an influx of wonderful souls who have chosen to work with Fleur & Threads for their wedding day. We are half booked for the year and its only January. The thought of this expansion creates an excitement and an unease simultaneously. That’s a lot of work for one person to create – I can feel my dream asking me to nurture myself to prepare for this epic adventure.


What are your intentions for the year to come? I’d love to know where all of your heads are at, what are the challenges you’re facing, what do you want to overcome? Personal, business, whatever is on your mind.


My biggest challenge last year was my health, I felt like I was dragging myself around with little to no energy at all. This is now on the up after some big life changes. It’s important that we put our health before anything else in our life, as it is essentially all we really have.


Take care sweet ones, don’t get lost in the chaos of work. That’s not why we’re here on earth – always remember that.


Last note before I’m done rambling -



I have two wedding concepts that I am REALLY wanting to work with this year or next, both are as follows:

-        A black and white circus theme inspired by my favourite book of ALL time The Night Circus

-        A LUXE mermaid wedding


Now I’m not giving away any other part of the details, but if you are interested in working with me on a concept that I have been obsessing over for the past 5 months get in contact – I’ll give you a 20% discount on your wedding flowers and it will be THE most epic wedding imaginable! (Both of these weddings are a budget of $7000.00 minimum).


Happy New year angels, I hope this next 12 months brings all of the magic, glitter and moments of pure, utter bliss. And I pray that you give yourself the change to see and feel it all.


Love & blessings,





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