Super blue blood moon 🌕

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A super, blue, blood moon & lunar eclipse will occur on the 31st of January.

An ethereal cosmic trifecta, all in one night. 

The meaning behind the title of this particular moon:

Super Moon: When the moon is close to its nearest approach to earth, appearing larger than normal (30% brighter 14 % bigger)

Blue Moon: When there are two full-moons in a month

Blood Moon: The red tint earths shadow casts on the moon during a lunar eclipse

The last time this phenomenon occurred was 150 years ago.

Energetically, the energy surrounded this rare moon cycle screams transformation.

Like most cosmic events, you can only harness the energy if you know how to read the signs, and prepare yourself accordingly.

To make the most of this magical event try this practice:

1. Clear your soul for future abundance - The darkness created by the lunar eclipse demands that you dig into the deepest part of yourself so that you can break old patterns & let go of anything no longer serving your highest self.

2. Acknowledge your emotions without judgement - full moons tend to be emotional, but when it's a super moon your emotions will take top priority. By acknowledging and cherishing your feelings, your natural psychic abilities and intuition will emerge stronger than ever, allowing you to move towards your true purpose.

3. Understand that the world needs you - as this Leo Moon reflects the Sun in Aquarius, ask yourself how your creativity and self-expression can make a difference in the lives of others. What is that secret gift that only you have? I believe that we all have a piece of the puzzle of life, but the piece is unknown to us until we search inside of ourselves and understand our own beauty and worth. Then when we have embarked on that journey, at the perfect moment the gift will present itself to us when we are ready to see it, and to honour its purpose.

How can you align your gifts and values with the collective consciousness?

Be ready for the influx of energy that will emerge from this powerful Moon.

Full moon ritual below

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.58.13 pm.png

Full moon ritual 

Get out a bowl of salt water, sage / palo santo, a white taper candle & crystals of your choice.

Create an altar, smudge the room / area. Be thorough with this exercise, get into all of the corners of the area. Once you have done this, open a window & allow the smoke to leave the room. As you are doing thing, feel all of the negative energy that no longer serves your highest leave the room.

Go to your altar, light the white candle and visualise a white light glowing around your toes, up your legs, torso, heart, neck & head until the light is surrounding you completely. Let your heart be filled with this new light, a fresh start.

Dips your fingers into the bowl of salt water, place them over your heart and say: 'With this eclipse, I am new again. I am untarnished, whole & true. There is nothing weighing me down. I am free to fly and break through.'

To end the ritual, sit and meditate in stillness with the silence of the night until the candle is burnt all of the way down.

Enjoy this influx of energy divine ones,

Love and blessings divine ones.

Clare x




Clare Harmer