Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Don’t think, just do.


Honour your creative process – no matter how left field it is.


And by the way? Perfectionism is an actual disease & I think I’ve found the cure.


I found myself as an artist when I began to just trust that my hands knew exactly what they were doing when I was designing & all my mind was doing was getting in the way of my productivity, joy & flow.


This fear driven desire for perfection is a never-ending steam train of internal disappointment. Perfection does not exist in this world. The more we try to chase after this fictional paradigm of ‘the ideal outcome’, the longer the road to creative fulfilment will be.


Don’t think about it, just do it. Make it, paint it, sing it – do whatever your heart is yearning for you to do. Be you. I’m 100% sure that it won’t be perfect & guess what? Thank god for that. True beauty is unpredictable & exciting. It’s unplanned & unfinished.


In a world driven by consumerism, us creatives are needed more than ever. You are more than a consumer. Be the creator.


In order for us to leave our imprint on this world we need to let our fear go, & be vulnerable. Open yourself up, let everyone see your light. Does this scare you? Good, that means you care, & if you are that means you’re on the right path. What if it doesn’t work out? Try again. And again.


Don't think, Just be. 


I believe that this is the formula to a happy work & personal existence.






Collage Designed by me [the glitter black rose is life <3]


















Clare Harmer