Don't hide.

Don't Hide.

It is not unprofessional to be real about how you’re feeling when you're at work.

Interestingly this concept has been a battle for me to accept as a business owner. I wanted to share my thoughts because I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there who struggles with this issue.. So let's talk about.

I am essentially a bright, cheerful & passionate artist [80-20%].

I’ve always assumed that my clients buy into me more when I am this way. But I definitely do NOT always feel this way [like seriously who does?].

This morning I shared a profound conversation with my cousin Erin [] I was battling my way through the issue of work related exhaustion I’ve been entangled with for the past 3 years.

I consider myself a successful person, and believe that this success will continue. But the thought of ‘too much’ success exhausts me. And this very belief is standing in the way of more beautiful opportunities knocking on my door. Success is not something to be feared.

Erin pointed out, after I’d been rambling for a few moments, that the root of my exhaustion towards work is the false persona I put on when I’m not feeling 'happy'. I pretend that I’m joyful & bubbly even though inside something may be bothering me & what I really feel is sad or drained.

Pretending to be something that you’re not is exhausting. This may sound like a simple statement, but I’ve been wrestling with this concept the whole time I’ve been working for myself. I’ve always thought “If I’m not my normal bubbly self, my clients won’t like me, & they won’t believe in my art”.

The stories we tell ourselves are so self-limiting.

Because the very fact that I even show up, no matter how I feel, is all the client needs from me. We are all human, we all feel things, and there is no need to hide these feelings from one another (within reason of course).

So what If I’m a little quieter on my off days, that doesn’t compromise the integrity of my work & how I hold myself as a person.

Wouldn’t you feel more in trusting in the person your booking for a job if they were their absolute, real self with you? I think the business world needs more of this talk.

Food for thought dearest ones.

I thought this realisation was quite profound & I want to share it with you for my first blog post.


Clare x

* Please note - the collage was created by myself. The Drawing of the girl is by Artist