Wedding flowers, what they mean to me & how this came to be.

 Femme rising art by Fleur & Threads - contact for print purchase.

Femme rising art by Fleur & Threads - contact for print purchase.

I've been a florist since I was 16 years old. I left the industry for a while, gained experience in other fields to broaden my career knowledge, experiment & find myself outside of what I was used to. The flowers called me back in the end, after I travelled to Europe and became completely awed by Berlin's take on flower work & art in general.

Before I started Fleur & Threads, I worked as a retail florist. The floristry industry has developed so much since I was a teenager. It was more common back then to work in a shop front, every day, making bouquets, designing window displays & creating a wedding here and there on the weekends.

Since the boom of social media, the entire industry has completely flipped. We are now dominated by studio floral artists who work predominately on weddings, & design bouquets / corporate arrangements during the week.

There is no comparison to my 'job' back then, to now. I personally thrive creatively when I am in charge of the design. Working underneath anybody, no matter how incredible a person they are, completely blocks my creativity. I don't seem to find inspiration if I'm asked to recreate someone else's vision, that I haven't had a hand in developing.

So, when I opened my own business, I knew I wanted to focus on weddings first. This was an area that excited me, a change from what I was used to. A new challenge.

From the first wedding I designed as Fleur & Threads, I was completely captivated by the vast, floaty feeling that I felt, which allowed creative ideas to flow through me abundantly. Something I had never experienced until that moment.

I didn't consider myself a particularly good florist or even remotely creative before this point, in fact I actually was told that I didn't have any kind of "natural talent" by a first mentor in my flower career.

Being completely truthful with you all, this is the reason why I left the industry for a while. I didn't think I was good at the flower game, and was told this frequently at my first full time flower job. So, the feeling of freedom that overcame me when I started my own business was overwhelmingly profound. I was able to lose myself in the flowers & intuitively design (something I had never done before this point) and I knew from that moment that this was the work I was born to do.

I've also had some incredible mentors in the flower game too. One in particular, is still someone I respect and admire to no end & I know she'll be in my life forever. I have come across many flower ladies who have had experiences like mine, where their mentor's crush them instead of elevating them, but don't lose hope if you've found yourself in this experience. Know your worth & move on. There are so many empowering creative mentors out there who want to help you grow & flourish, like you're supposed to.

Every single wedding that comes my way, is a profound experience for me. I still marvel that people love my work in the way they do. Its just magical, because I truly laugh, cry & sing to flowers when I work with them. They inspire me & each stem teaches me. I meditate with them, cleanse them & intuitively design every detail in the name of your love. I am NEVER happier than when I've prepped all the flowers from the market & I'm burning sage & chanting, preparing my mind & body to creative something that the world has neither seen nor experienced before.

I've now been in business for 4 years! I've designed hundreds of weddings with my clients and it's only growing, evolving & expanding more & more! 

Every wedding that is produced through Fleur & Threads is completely & utterly unique. As each human is. We are all so interesting, we all see life through different coloured eyes & this is the approach that I take with my work. I don't follow trends, I follow my heart. I follow my flow & I adore connecting with humans through the avenue of love.



Love, always

Clare x


Collage designed by me, flowers by Fleur & Threads & both of the other images were found on Pinterest - Author's unknown (If you know who they are please let me know & I will tag & link accordingly).





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