Wedding flowers, what they mean to me & how this came to be.
Femme rising art by Fleur & Threads - contact for print purchase.

Femme rising art by Fleur & Threads - contact for print purchase.

I've been a florist since I was 16 years old. I left the industry for a while, gained experience in other fields to broaden my career knowledge, experiment & find myself outside of what I was used to. The flowers called me back in the end, after I travelled to Europe and became completely awed by Berlin's take on flower work & art in general.

Before I started Fleur & Threads, I worked as a retail florist. The floristry industry has developed so much since I was a teenager. It was more common back then to work in a shop front, every day, making bouquets, designing window displays & creating a wedding here and there on the weekends.

Since the boom of social media, the entire industry has completely flipped. We are now dominated by studio floral artists who work predominately on weddings, & design bouquets / corporate arrangements during the week.

There is no comparison to my 'job' back then, to now. I personally thrive creatively when I am in charge of the design. Working underneath anybody, no matter how incredible a person they are, completely blocks my creativity. I don't seem to find inspiration if I'm asked to recreate someone else's vision, that I haven't had a hand in developing.

So, when I opened my own business, I knew I wanted to focus on weddings first. This was an area that excited me, a change from what I was used to. A new challenge.

From the first wedding I designed as Fleur & Threads, I was completely captivated by the vast, floaty feeling that I felt, which allowed creative ideas to flow through me abundantly. Something I had never experienced until that moment.

I didn't consider myself a particularly good florist or even remotely creative before this point, in fact I actually was told that I didn't have any kind of "natural talent" by a first mentor in my flower career.

Being completely truthful with you all, this is the reason why I left the industry for a while. I didn't think I was good at the flower game, and was told this frequently at my first full time flower job. So, the feeling of freedom that overcame me when I started my own business was overwhelmingly profound. I was able to lose myself in the flowers & intuitively design (something I had never done before this point) and I knew from that moment that this was the work I was born to do.

I've also had some incredible mentors in the flower game too. One in particular, is still someone I respect and admire to no end & I know she'll be in my life forever. I have come across many flower ladies who have had experiences like mine, where their mentor's crush them instead of elevating them, but don't lose hope if you've found yourself in this experience. Know your worth & move on. There are so many empowering creative mentors out there who want to help you grow & flourish, like you're supposed to.

Every single wedding that comes my way, is a profound experience for me. I still marvel that people love my work in the way they do. Its just magical, because I truly laugh, cry & sing to flowers when I work with them. They inspire me & each stem teaches me. I meditate with them, cleanse them & intuitively design every detail in the name of your love. I am NEVER happier than when I've prepped all the flowers from the market & I'm burning sage & chanting, preparing my mind & body to creative something that the world has neither seen nor experienced before.

I've now been in business for 4 years! I've designed hundreds of weddings with my clients and it's only growing, evolving & expanding more & more! 

Every wedding that is produced through Fleur & Threads is completely & utterly unique. As each human is. We are all so interesting, we all see life through different coloured eyes & this is the approach that I take with my work. I don't follow trends, I follow my heart. I follow my flow & I adore connecting with humans through the avenue of love.



Love, always

Clare x


Collage designed by me, flowers by Fleur & Threads & both of the other images were found on Pinterest - Author's unknown (If you know who they are please let me know & I will tag & link accordingly).





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The story behind: The Chakra Bouquets
Fleur & Threads Chakra Moodboard


Hi Angels,


Today I'm going to write a little more about the back story behind our newest feature - The Chakra bouquet series.

This idea actually came through my cousin & close friend Erin. She is a mentor to me and has been the catalyst for me on my spiritual path.

I used to suffer from crippling depression. Having suffered acute trauma throughout my childhood & teenage years, as I entered late teens & early twenties I began to be haunted, troubled & exhausted by the wounds I still carried around with me.

I actually had no idea I was dealing with depression, I thought that this was just the way that I was always going to be & that it was totally normal to feel this way everyday.

It wasn't until my partner Dann & I decided to move to Sydney that everything bubbled to the surface and exploded. I had a break down of sorts (basically I just became exhausted with my own BS) which lead me to my two eldest cousins. Kerry (the eldest) lived up the road from me, she was on the end of the phone guiding me to seek help. 

Her sister & my other cousin (Erin) was finishing her studies of Kinesiology at the time. She offered to see me for free (As I was a struggling floral artist & interior design student) and we continued to work together to get my body & mind back to full health.

I have now being seeing Erin & seeking other alternative therapies for about 3 years. I am abundantly happy & excited 80% of the time. I now think life is the most intricately beautiful chaos & I savour every moment. 

Now this back story is important. Because this feature is EXTREMELY personal to me & its been quite a journey living my life up until this point. I believe the chakra bouquets were gifted to me by the angels, earth & other realms, as a way to help humans heal & flourish through our greatest gifts on earth: Art & Nature.

Back to Erin; 

One day we were working through issues I was feeling with Fleur & Threads. I had been working on myself for about 1.5-2years & I had grown SO much since I had started the business & couldn't connect properly to the concept I had first started with.

As you all know, if you follow me on Instagram & Facebook, Spirituality had become huge part of my life and I didn't want to keep this secret anymore. I had healed & thrived beyond measure by learning to put myself first, cleansing myself of toxic relationships, habits & foods. I felt like I had learnt the secret of what it is to be human and I wanted my business to pay homage to this part of myself.

My main spiritual practice at that point in my life was meditatively balancing my chakras everyday. I grew extremely sensitive to the feeling of each chakra, the smells, the sounds & colours that activated and aided my healing process. As well as the crystals that would help ground & stabilise the energy.

Erin had picked up on my growing ability / connection to the chakras, and suggested that I create Chakra inspired bouquets. This had never been done before & would fuse my two greatest passions - flowers & healing. 

OH MY GOD. I was floored. I felt like the stars had aligned and I still to this day cannot properly describe the feeling I felt throughout my entire body. This was the answer to my reconnecting to Fleur & threads. I was too close to the situation - a fresh set of eyes & perspective was all I needed! (Thank you Erin & Kerry, you are my personal angels).

In my next blog I will go into the intricacy of the chakra bouquets.

I think it's important for you to all know the story behind this feature. This product has a history, it has a mission on earth. I'm excited to watch The Chakra Bouquets light up the hearts of those who need it.

If you are suffering at all and you've found yourself reading this post, if you need help, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you need to talk to someone. I'm here for you.

Love & blessings,

Clare x


If you require someone like Erin to help in anyway her contact is :

Kerry is a collecter of fine clothing & is helping the earth one recycled clothing item at a time. For a peak of her empire click >

Mood-board designed by me, the poppy is photographed by me & the crystal (Pyrite. The stone of good luck, protection and emotional wellbeing) is by 

Shop the Chakra bouquets here





Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Don’t think, just do.


Honour your creative process – no matter how left field it is.


And by the way? Perfectionism is an actual disease & I think I’ve found the cure.


I found myself as an artist when I began to just trust that my hands knew exactly what they were doing when I was designing & all my mind was doing was getting in the way of my productivity, joy & flow.


This fear driven desire for perfection is a never-ending steam train of internal disappointment. Perfection does not exist in this world. The more we try to chase after this fictional paradigm of ‘the ideal outcome’, the longer the road to creative fulfilment will be.


Don’t think about it, just do it. Make it, paint it, sing it – do whatever your heart is yearning for you to do. Be you. I’m 100% sure that it won’t be perfect & guess what? Thank god for that. True beauty is unpredictable & exciting. It’s unplanned & unfinished.


In a world driven by consumerism, us creatives are needed more than ever. You are more than a consumer. Be the creator.


In order for us to leave our imprint on this world we need to let our fear go, & be vulnerable. Open yourself up, let everyone see your light. Does this scare you? Good, that means you care, & if you are that means you’re on the right path. What if it doesn’t work out? Try again. And again.


Don't think, Just be. 


I believe that this is the formula to a happy work & personal existence.






Collage Designed by me [the glitter black rose is life <3]


















Clare Harmer
Don't hide.
Don't Hide.

It is not unprofessional to be real about how you’re feeling when you're at work.

Interestingly this concept has been a battle for me to accept as a business owner. I wanted to share my thoughts because I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there who struggles with this issue.. So let's talk about.

I am essentially a bright, cheerful & passionate artist [80-20%].

I’ve always assumed that my clients buy into me more when I am this way. But I definitely do NOT always feel this way [like seriously who does?].

This morning I shared a profound conversation with my cousin Erin [] I was battling my way through the issue of work related exhaustion I’ve been entangled with for the past 3 years.

I consider myself a successful person, and believe that this success will continue. But the thought of ‘too much’ success exhausts me. And this very belief is standing in the way of more beautiful opportunities knocking on my door. Success is not something to be feared.

Erin pointed out, after I’d been rambling for a few moments, that the root of my exhaustion towards work is the false persona I put on when I’m not feeling 'happy'. I pretend that I’m joyful & bubbly even though inside something may be bothering me & what I really feel is sad or drained.

Pretending to be something that you’re not is exhausting. This may sound like a simple statement, but I’ve been wrestling with this concept the whole time I’ve been working for myself. I’ve always thought “If I’m not my normal bubbly self, my clients won’t like me, & they won’t believe in my art”.

The stories we tell ourselves are so self-limiting.

Because the very fact that I even show up, no matter how I feel, is all the client needs from me. We are all human, we all feel things, and there is no need to hide these feelings from one another (within reason of course).

So what If I’m a little quieter on my off days, that doesn’t compromise the integrity of my work & how I hold myself as a person.

Wouldn’t you feel more in trusting in the person your booking for a job if they were their absolute, real self with you? I think the business world needs more of this talk.

Food for thought dearest ones.

I thought this realisation was quite profound & I want to share it with you for my first blog post.


Clare x

* Please note - the collage was created by myself. The Drawing of the girl is by Artist