About Fleur & Threads


The art of Fleur & Threads is inspired by imagination. Clare has deep connections to flowers, nature, meditation & yoga. Through flower art Clare has discovered who she is as a human & why working with nature is her purpose.

With the influences of mystics, psychics, synchronicity, nature, spirituality & connection the F & T brand has evolved from a solely wedding floral design business, to one that offers spiritual ethereal star gazing event styling, floral bouquets every day of the week, pressed flower frames, celebration of the soul casket covers/funeral flowers & flower art for all occasions.

What sets Fleur & Threads apart from the masses is the place in which we create from - pure intuition. We allow very little prior planning, drawing a loose but clear outline of the design brief alongside the client - then when it comes to the time of the event we have the freedom to allow authentic & transcendental designs come through.

This is how every event that we create are all so contrasting. We work to remain unique to each client - capturing their individual love story in the language of flowers.

We believe that flowers are both playful & frivolous, as well as deeply healing & purposeful.


And with this notion our art evolves.




Why do I create?


Because I want to empower humans to self-heal. Through my experience in this life, I believe that humans hold within them an urge to create. To be creative.

We are all creative in entirely different ways, and to be in the space of your own creative energy is the most powerful space we can enter.

When we are expressing ourselves, on some level, we are healing ourselves. We don’t need to analyse this, we just need to trust that when we believe in our own abilities & honour our own self-expression (whatever it may be) we are moving forward & evolving.

Through flowers, I’ve had this great realisation. It was so profound. I marvelled at my own ability to change. At times, I had no idea who I was but I always found my feet in the end (with help).

My purpose at this stage in my life is to help you, through flowers, to sit, be still, breath, take in the beauty, then close your eyes & listen to your heart.




How do I create?


Firstly, I ask the client the intention for the order / enquiry.

From here I listen to them and search for the link to my own flow inside their intent.

Then I will build of their concept, using colour as my compass. 

When I'm at the markets I'm looking for flowers that I feel are speaking the language of the client, I will choose each element with careful consideration.

When I'm back at the warehouse I burn sage, cleansing myself + team, flowers & the space.

 After this step I bring myself back to the intent of the client - then move through the energy of the event & as soon as I find my place of stillness, I start.



*The connection I feel to my clients is very strong but also very fragile - if the connection is lost I cannot create with them anymore.*